Jones is a widely recognized as an expert in the global wireless data industry as an evangelist, analyst and product manager. She has 20 years experience producing cutting-edge technologies, developing market-leading products and building world-class teams. Recently, Jones has worked with early-stage companies in advisory or consultative capacities in the emerging technology areas of ad hoc mesh and sensor networks, as well as, mobile applications and entertainment. Jones has made significant contributions to academia, having created and taught "Wireless Universe - Standards & Technologies" at the University of San Francisco. Previously, Jones was responsible for Wireless Data Services at Palm, Inc. She also held marketing and engineering positions at Microsoft, Sendmail, SGI and Netscape. She is currently a member of wireless standards and industry working groups including IETF MobileIP, keital, GSMA and is the founder of MoNET, an international organization of wireless and mobile data professionals. Jones studied Music at the University of Alabama and Applied Mathematics at the University of Texas.


Newest News is a Book

I'm one of several authors of an upcoming book on Hacking Wireless Networks. The book is scheduled to hit the shelves in September 2004, and I'll post updates here as the date approaches.



US Spectrum Policy

I've recently joined the Parallel Spectrum Management Task Force led by Andy Seybold and Barney Dewey which is developing an alternate spectrum management plan for recommendation to the US Federal Spectrum Management Task Force recently created by presidential memo. The PSMTF will work with all existing not-for-profit and other public and private organizations presently working on spectrum initiatives - consumers, businesses, public network operators, state and local governments, broadcasting and amateur radio operators - and will address the growing needs of the computer and consumer electronics industries for unlicensed spectrum. The PSMTF has less than a year to develop a plan which will consider the needs and requirements of all spectrum users.
For an introduction to the issues and concerns of spectrum availability, use and creation of open spectrum as critical, see the Open Spectrum FAQ by David Weinberger.

Practical Mobility: Creating Reactive Supply Chains

Invited participant at Think Tank Session produced by the World Internet Center. Leading firms supporting mobile enterprise solutions such as SAP, Sun, Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom were participants.

The Carrier Crisis

Invited talk discussing the shortcoming of current wireless data strategies which focus on the carriers/operators. Once wireless data providers enable user-created information and services, the industry is poised to expode in a way that makes the Internet boom look like a single droplet in a stream. Think SMS - the up and coming MMS - think camera phones and moblogging. These user content creation services are wildly popular, revenue positive and ARPU enhancing worldwide.

The Wireless Industry Showdown! Wi-Fi v. 3G

Wireless Industry factoids and musings

Research and Analysis

Mobile Developer Programs Survey

A current project underway is the Mobile Developer Programs Survey. If you are a developer of mobile applications and/or services, please, take a few minutes from your day and complete the survey. You will receive the summaries of all responses by leaving your email address as requested in the survey. Of course, all responses are confidential and only data summaries will be shared with others.

Press Release: SPM Membership Swells

Quoted on the results of SPM Membership survey.

SPM Survey Comments

Presentation of member comments from SPM Survey and responses to members' questions.

Product Management

How SPM Uses Yahoogroups

White paper which discusses how SPM uses Yahoogroups for team collaboration, to substitute as an intranet, and to create work flow systems for task handoff and task execution.

Webcasts: How SPM Uses Interwise

Sendmail Meets Erlang: Experiences Using Erlang for Email Applications

Originally published at the Sixth International Erlang/OTP User Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

Social Software and Social Networking Software

How to Create a Bio Blog (now referred to as ResumeBlog)

Coming Soon - An example of Bottom Up Web Services - BioBlogs/ResumeBlogs - 9/23/03

Where the discussion of BioBlogs eventually called ResumeBlogs began in July 2003.


MoNET - Founder
Wireless World Forum - Executive Member
Bay Area Wireless Users Group (BAWUG) - Member
The Parallel Spectrum Management Task Force - Member

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